I can see clearly now

now that I got my new 27" screen installed. It’s totally different working with this high a resolution instead on my “small” laptop (17" by the way).
What I was wondering if anyone noticed (or even better knows), if the resolution of the screen has any impact on the performance of Blender? I’ve got an Intel mobile chip for graphics. So no GPU rendering. But I do still wonder if things like one vs. two screens, small vs. big screen, low vs. high resolution do make a difference.

Well, the on any normal GPUs that isn’t a problem as modern fillrates far exceed Blender’s modest requirements in that department. On crappy intel cards I’m not sure. Your Cycles viewport preview will inevitably suffer because there are more pixels to render (unless you only preview in small windows).

… the rain is gone.

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I moved from a 19" monitor to two 23" Ultrasharps a while back and haven’t noticed any kind of impact to my viewport performance. Productivity, on the other hand, has greatly increased :wink:

I use 1920x1200px 24" as a main monitor for working with blender and 1920x1080px 24" rotated monitor for reference text. Works very well.