i can walk up my object

hey all i have an enamy but i can walk ontop of him is there a way to stop this happening?

and another problem not connected i got an end object on him but the armuter still stays there, is there a way to get rid of him too?


Yep you can, give the same logic bricks as the another thing that end with the logic bricks. Connect the armture logic bricks to the logic brick on the another object that has end object. Or just make a complete new settup on the armture for end object.

Btw, try to figure things out more by yourself, you can ask questions, but first try it by yourself. How did you know how we learned the engine? Just searching for tutorials, and try to create things. Whn something works or not, you’ll learn about that. :slight_smile: You can also join the irc channel #gameblender or #blenderchat using Mirc at http://www.mirc.com :stuck_out_tongue:

Through the freenode.net server, I believe.

Yep on the irc.freenode.net server. The irc server for free and opensource software. And you can ask as many questions there as you want. :smiley: If you’re really stuck and nobody knows an answere, just post here, but not if you dind’t try yourself, because otherwise people get anoyed of the topic spamming. :-?