I cannot animate Hooks/ they wont move.

Hello Blenderartists,

I have a Problem whom i want you to pay a bit attention to.

I want to animate Hydraulic Cylinders, and the Cables attached to it should follow
the movement elastically.

The best way i´ve figured to do this is via BeziersCurve and two hooks for each of the
ends of the Cable.
They can be animated Via IPO-Curve very well, but
as soon as i Parent those Hooks to another Object,
they just keep their Position all the the time instead following their parent.
And i cant find a Solution by assigning the hooks to Armatures either.

So my Question is: How can I let the Hooks Follow a certain Object?

I think the best solution is to parent to the bones in an armature

In blender 2.4x - select the hook (object mode) the shift select the armature
Alt + Tab into pose mode > select the bone you want to parent it to > Ctrl P

In 2.5x - in the object buttons - change the parent to armature > then select the bone you want

if you are still stuck - post your blend

That works, but when i try to add a constraint to the Bone, it wont move in the


Now ive got the Problem:
the Object i want the Hook to Follow is alreade engaged in a rather complicated system of constraints
to fake a Cylinder/Piston movement.

if you’re stuck post the file

if the bone is following the correct constraints - the hook shouldn’t interfere