I cannot export or save video

Okay, So I’ve made a animation in blender. I then in the window with the PC, PAL Etc buttons, Click on “full” , and select AVI Raw as the format. I then render it by pressing “anim” and check it with “play” . I now want to save this. This is where the problems begin - AVI is not on the export menu and when I try Save Image I get “ERROR: Select a image type in the (something I have forgotten) window (f10)” . This problem stops if I just render a single frame with the jpeg option.

How do I export video?

P.S: I’m running linux. I’ve had this problem both on 2.36 and now on 2.37.


You’re a bit confused…
It’s better to read some basic docs about video and image file formats
And some Blender docs too
And, please don’t render video at Full quality 1280x1024 ( unless you know what you’re doing)!! You’ll need a DVD to store a 3mn animation :slight_smile:

To start keep the default 320x256 and choose HamX as format ( fast for previewings)
Then, when you want to make a final/quality rendering choose Aviraw ( take care, that needs
lots of space)
Now to save your animation, you’ve the “output panel”
In the first field you should enter the path where you’ll save your file
Something like: /home/myusername/movie/masterpiece
Now, render the anim, then go to the “movie” directory in your home directory, and
you should find a “masterpiece” AVI movie

Ahh yes working now. Are there Significant changes that make the 2.3 800 page manual redundant? If not I may get it. There is’nt a new manual is there?