I cannot get into the forum with Firefox but with chrome it is working anyone know why?

It’s happen to me a few time recently trying to get here with firefox churning forever and never get to open the forum but on Chrome i can log in instantly anyone have a clue about what could be causing this?

I’ve found the same thing, so I’m guessing it’s a firefox issue rather than a forum issue. Though I’ve found it’s not limited to BA as I have the same sort of lag on other sites. Maybe Firefox isn’t leveraging something properly.

No problems here with opening the Forum or logging in on FireFox. I’m using version 68.0.1 and my OS is Linux Mint 19.2.
Maybe the problem is an OS specific one.

I was thinking about clearing the cache but i doubt this would fix it.

Could very well be i am on windows 10!

Something new happen with firefox today, i wrote a reply and the reply appear grey out for a moment and then an error message from firefox pop up stating corrupted content!

There is definitively something with firefox latest build and i think i will use Chrome to come here since it’s seem more stable.

I have no issues with the latest Firefox on OS X. Could you try in a private window to rule out any browser plugins?

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Hi Bart,

I think you put the finger on it since i disable all plugins and it’s seem stable after a few hours.

And on Chrome i had no plugins at all.

I will wait a few days and if it is not doing any weird thing i will come back in thread and mark it as solution.

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It may be interesting to know specifically which add-on was the culprit here.

from half an hour I have a problem with the site in Firefox on OSX: if I open a link in a new window it gives me as logged out, and it refuses to log me in.

In other words I can only have one open window of the forum.

EDIT: Disabled Ghostery (which was disabled for this forum anyway) and now it works again, something must be happened.

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Was logging me out when I left the site but I could log back in. It would not remember my site theme setting.

Looked like a cookie problem to me. Works now.

Weird, I am using Firefox now and it works fine.