I cannot quit game engine previsualization

Hi guys, I cannot quit game engine previsualization when I press Esc.
Do you know how to fix this sh*t?

Thanks everyone

You have to provide more info about your problem. What build of blender are you using? I hope you havent set a keyboard sensor on ‘esc’ key or you wont be able to exit GE.

Hi, no I didnt. Im using 2.49
This is the first time that happens me in this computer, but I had that problem before in other 2 pcs.
I have a good computer so that shouldnt be the problem. Once the "p" starts, doesnt quit with Esc.

Try using 2.49b. or if you like 2.59 is stable now. go get it ftw. :slight_smile:

I believe that someone else had this problem, and it required Shift-ESC to quit, though I’m not certain of this. I would recommend 2.59, though.