I can't 3d print this model because of no wall thickness

Hey guys, I have a problem.

I would like to 3d print this model, but I can’t give it enough wall thickness without totally breaking it. I have tried with solidify and extrude but it did not help. I need a wall thickness of at least 1,5mm.

Could any of you tell me what sould I do or make it printable for me?

Thanks in advace.

Here is the model:

For one thing it’s not a single contiguous mesh, it’s composed of (possibly) a hundred parts. (May make sense for an animated character mesh in a video game - as it seems like a rip, but for this application - there are different requirements.) That makes it much more challenging to combine down and get to a single manifold object.

My approach would be to apply the pose and combine to one object and retopologize over it. That would allow you to make a new mesh which would be easier to solidify to a given wall thickness for a figurine. This approach isn’t a click and done, you’ve got to do your work on this.

You could try CADspan or Netfabb. I think there are free trials available for both.