I can't alt select faces on a rim loop.

I am starting to do a tutorial I found here: http://gryllus.net/Blender/PDFTutorials/Martini.pdf I am stuck at the beginning. The directions say to alt select a face of the top rim of the martini glass. But when I do, I only get the side of the martini glass face with the rim face I alt selected. I was able to alt select the side of the martini glass faces, but that’s not what the directions call for. I included two screen shots to help explain my problem. Does anyone know how I can alt select the rim faces of this martini glass? I know I can shift select the faces all the way around the rim, but I want to learn this selection method.

This is what I am supposed to be able to do:

This is what I get when I alt select on a rim face.

The loop you select depends on what edge your mouse is over when you press Alt+LMB. Just have you mouse curser over the common edge of two faces on the rim.

Thanks. It worked. (You meant RMB)