I can't alter my previous mesh!

Alright. I’m going to explain this very thoroughly so that there is no confusion as to my problem. Here’s what I did. I used the 2.5 beta 2 version of blender.

  1. I made a human model by following the steps for making a human model in the blender Noob to pro wikibook. I stopped before the armature section.

  2. I entered object mode and added a tube to act as a skirt.

  3. I changed to edit mode, and fitted the skirt to the body by moving the vertices, but I can no longer work with the human model. I enter edit mode, and I can only alter the skirt. The human model’s vertices no longer appear. The same happens to the skirt when I add something else. I just want to make a human model with clothes. I don’t want it to move, I just want the model. Can someone help me? And if not, are there any tutorials, 'cause I can’t find any.

So, you have exited edit mode with the skirt ( tab ) selected the human mesh in object mode ( r click ) and gone into edit mode ( tab ) and you are still in object mode?