I can't assign a shape key to suzanne

Hi, I need to add a shape key to suzanne, but I went to F9 but I didn’t find the “shapes” panel, also I tried to use “I” key but nothing, I think the basics steps are:

  1. select suzanne
  2. go to F9
  3. press “add shape key” button from the “shapes panel”

but I can’t find this panel, please help me with this and tell me what I’m missing


one thing more, I tried to add a shape key in a new file using suzanne, in fact, the shape panels is displayed in F9, so, I don’t know if suzanne has some problem in my target file, so my new question is:
-what properties has suzanne in my file that block the “shape panel”?


… and why did you start two threads?

I guess that was a problem of my internet connection, i think the browser didn’t refresh the redirect page, so i press the submit thread button once more