I can't bake materials to one texture

I’m very new to the 3d modelling world, and I’m practicing by modelling easy models.
I’ve modelled this bedside table, and I’ve used three different materials.

Now I’d like to import this object on a game engine that support only 1 texture for each object. So I need to create one large texture, baking all the materials.
What I did:

  1. Create a new UV Map (called “final”
  2. Used smart uv project and created a new image (called texture). This already corrupt part of my object:
  3. now I set cycles as render engine and I click bake
    IMAGE 3
  4. The result is a corrupted texture:
    IMAGE 4
    Note that the name of the texture is not “texture” but “lengo” that is another texture i used as one of the materials.

What I’m doing wrong? And sorry for the silly question :confused:

Thank you very much,



Sorry can’t post more than 2 images at the same time :frowning:

Keep the original uvmap as your active uvmap (the camera icon next to the uvmap name), but select the ‘final’ uvmap before baking.

Object textures use the ‘active uvmap’ for rendering, but baking uses the selected (highlighted) uvmap as destiny.

Thanks for your reply, but sadly I get extactly the same result :frowning:

EDIT: if anyone want to give it a try, here is the blend file + textures: https://transfer.sh/scwyR/blender_project.zip

Using your posted file as a reference:

1- fix textures reference path in all three materials; change engine to Cycles; exit ‘Edit Mode’.

2- you shouldn’t have overlapping faces in your final uvmap, so you need to fix that. For example you can use ‘pack islands’ in UVMap.001 (UV Editor > UV menu > Pack Islands);

3- set UVMap as active_render (camera icon), but leave UVMap.001 selected.

4- Add a Texture node with the Untitled texture to all three materials (leave it disconnected but selected). Each material will bake into the active texture node in itself, so if you miss this step for all materials you end up overwriting the original texture in it.

5- Bake Diffuse Color.

6- Save Untitled to a file.

Here’s the fixed file (you still might need to fix the texture references in the materials):
comodino_fix.blend (703.8 KB)

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Thank you very much I followed all your steps and I was able to produce a valid texture.
Now I’ve understood how this works (thanks to your steps) and I have more a clear idea.

Have a nice day,