I can't beleieve this is free!!!

Noticed this morning, very very nice image explorer


do yourself a favour and download it now


this should go in the ‘other software’ forum. :wink: (actually so should the project dogwaffle thread)

it’s really nice… UI is cool (especiall the time line thingy) butit doesn’t have much use…

Personally I prefer www.irfanview.com that is also free.
It supports a gazillion formats…and is superfast
for browsing images.

irfanview is also a batch image converter/processer…opens anything. even .iris, and ogg vorbis.

Heehee. Looks like someone just made iPhoto for Windows . . .


cheers Marty - i certainly like it - especially how it automatically scans your HD for all images

Yea that’s exactly what I came to my mind when I saw it. That it looks like iphoto for windows with a little diffeent interface.

free as in “free beer” :wink: anyways… looks like a nice piece of software

XnView can create contactsheets from what I know, just select the pics in the browser, tight-click… planche contacte/contactsheet :]


I’ve been using IrfanView for years (since 1998 or so), couldn’t imagine anything being better. It opens every type of media file you can get your hands on.