I cant believe i have this problem. Copy position

Basicaly i want an object to go from one characters hand to the other.

When i try to use the child of it give me unreliable results, and the problem of keeping it in the right position before it goes to the other character remains.

Copy rotation and location is reliable but the problem of its visual location being transfered to the new constraint i can not do.

Ive tried the copy attributes, but does not work neither

I feel im missing a simple technique, surely blender has a simply method around this

I am not sure what the trouble is from your description, but the standard way to do it is to give a copy location constraint to a bone in each of the hands, and then key ( make keyframes for ) the constraints, so that the value of one drops from 1 to zero, as the other goes from zero to 1.

Basically i wont the object to stay in the exact position as the object goes from one character to an other. This time im using child of constraint which is more straight forward.

as you can see from one frame to the other it jumps, i can use the cursor for position, but i cant get the exact rotation.

Forget everything i solved it, i dont know how!

I think it was simply adding a keyframe at the start of the first constraint, it now from one character to the other.