I can't change the mesh of my objet


Here, my problem is that I have been editing different parts of my model while hiding some other parts, and when I came to edit it again to continue my project I saw a weird cube like this:

and when I came back to edit it in edit mode I saw only this:

So impossible to modify my model nor to move anything :(:frowning:

I tried different tricks on the net and nothing did… I just want to get rid of this freakin’ Cube and be able to continue my project…:eek:

Thank you!

Unhide your mesh to see it (Alt+H)
The orange box is the display of the object texture space. You turned on its display with Shift+T. You can turn off its display in the Object / Display properties

Also you have unapplied object scale which means that tools and modifiers work on different dimensions than what you see in the viewport. Object is also rotated.
Ctrl+A -> rotation & scale to apply both.