I can't create a wood floor, please help?

I have watched tutorials on youtube, but they never work for me on Blender version 2.77a

Can a kind person please show me a beginners tutorial how I can create a nice wooden floor?

I have some wood textures already, but I cannot get it to show up or work when I add a Mesh/Plane.

Thank you:)

This actually belongs in the materials section

Key thing is, have you unwrapped your plane? Go into edit mode, select the plane, U to unwrap and simply ‘unwrap’ this then allows uv mapped textures. If you watch the PBR tutorial by Andrew Price, substitiute wooden floor texture for the brick and that will give you a good intro into texturing.

here is a procedural wood floor file I recently spotted. Created by ‘Cebbi’
here is the one -

hope this helps…