I can't create meshes

Hi, I’m Flubbman. I’m having a problem; I’m working on a Wiimote model for use in a game called Blockland. If you know how a Wiimote looks, I’ve made the body, the sensor in the front and the power button. But, after I spawned the power button, I couldn’t make any more meshes. Little help, please.

Hello Flubbman,

If you could upload your .blend file and specify which version of blender you are using, it would be much easier to diagnose your problem.

You may save your work as a .Blend file and then append your meshes from the saved file. That may solve your problem.

I use Blender 2.49b.


wiimote.blend (145 KB)

You are in local view mode. Press numpad / to go back to global view mode.

Thank you so very much! It works now.