I can't download the newest blander release...

After a long, long break from blender (do to the ATI issues) im back (i found a fix that works here on elysiun :slight_smile: )

And im trying to download the newest blender release from the website, but when i click the link it does nothing… it goes to a blank page, the toolbar says connecting and it doesn’t ever load…

I was wondering if anyone else has a copy of the newest blender release (2.41 i believe) in.ZIP format on their own server anywhere… i need to download it…

Anyways, i didn’t know of anywhere else to get help so i came here… help appreciated

Exactly which link are you folowing?

Get it:


The link i was trying was


[n]nico[/b], your link works… thanks a million, i’ll be back with some of my crappy modelling pics… be prepared to help me with my texturing… lol :wink:

thanks to both of ya’ll