I Can't Even Get Started in the Game Engine (*blush*)

I’ve been playing around with the 3D animation capabilities of Blender with no problem at all, but when I create a 3d scene, with painted and textured objects and background, and switch to the game engine, all I see on the screen are colored negative shapes (no texture, shading, or detail of any kind). All I can do is stare at it without knowing what to do next. The keyboard buttons and mouse don’t work to produce any movement. I even copied exactly the way some tutorials set up the Keyboard Sensors/Controllers/Actuators to make the objects move, but nothing happens. I’ve searched for hours and hours through tutorials and forums, but can’t find anything that says, “Here is how you begin.”

I bought the Blender GameKit book, thinking that would help me, but it has a CD that isn’t supported by Mac OS X.4, so I can’t use any of the demos or tutorials there. I couldn’t find a chapter on how to create a game from scratch.

I downloaded some of the .blend files that other members created for game engine tutorials, and they work fine. I can see all of the 3D detail, and I can walk through them and use my keyboard to move objects, so it seems that my game engine is working fine. I just don’t know the very first step(s) to creating my own game. Could someone please direct me to the right tutorials or tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m kind of embarrassed that I can’t even take the first step…:frowning:

Can you post a picture of your colored negative shapes?

Have you switched to textured drawing type <Alt><Z> before starting the game engine?

Thank you, Monster! That did it. I knew it was probably something simple or obvious that I missed. Not only that, but five minutes later I figured out how to use the Keyboard Sensor to activate the forward and backward movement of an object, and it worked like a dream! It’s a start anyway. Now I can finally get some sleep tonight. (Tomorrow I’ll probably be up till four in the morning exploring the game engine.) Thanks again for your help!:slight_smile:

that may become in handy

Thank you, 3DGuru, I’ll check them out tonight when I get home from work. I’m amazed by how kind and helpful people are here in the Blender world. By the way, I’ve seen some of your works, and they’re pretty amazing. Have a great day!


Can you post some of your findings on text mode, as I can not see the videos… :frowning:
I know I need a simple codec available on Techsmith.com, but THAT SIMPLE:
I dont have the admni rights to set them up.
So I cant see the videos.

For the game engine: check the post I made:

There is some start of answers of WHY the textures are not displayed on the game engine mode.

I agree thought, not many tutorials available for a proper modeling/texturing for the game engine…

beleive me, i was just like you when i started out with the game engine. alot of the learining is trial and error. questions like “if i change this value, what will happen?” are often best answered by just changing it and seeing the results. once you get to know the basics, the ge is very rewarding and fun. i even do it in my free time at school:D just yesterday i made a space game in 8th period! i didnt have much time to spend on textures so it didnt look that good, but you could fly around and shoot stuff.

When I first started the blender GE, I was baffled by the multitude of variables and settings and I was too confused. There wasn’t much documentation that I could find back then (ironic that it’s more than easy to find now that I don’t need it :p) . But I decided to mess with stuff, and do experiments. Seriously, that is KEY. Experimentation. But anyone can pick up blender, if they use it. But keep this in mind: blender is a tool, not a template that magically makes games for you. A lot of hard work goes into making a good game, there is no ‘magic button’ to make it easier. Just trust your abilities and happy blending ;).

Thank you all for your suggestions. Since my “breakthrough” (with the help of Monster) of being able to see the objects in 3D in the GE and then being able to set up the LogicBricks to move the objects, I’ve been going crazy trying things out and moving things around. I was able to import objects from tutorial .blends and mess around with their behaviors, etc., applying physics to make them fall off the edge of planes, making them move and rotate in different ways and at different speeds. Best of all is the fact that you can study the LogicBricks behind each tutorial .blend object and apply the same thing to your own objects. It seems like the more you learn, the more you see that there is to learn. Today at work I kept thinking about the Blender GE and what experiments I could run. Now even Blender GameKit book is starting to make sense.

Corsebou, I also couldn’t play the videos. One set of tutorials/demos that I found helpful (I’ve only looked at a few so far) are by Blengine:
His .zip files of games and demos are the ones that I examined and experimented with the most. Thanks for your link to the thread about UV mapping. I’ve looked at the tutorial about UV mapping and bookmarked it. That answers a lot of my questions!

There’s only one problem with Blender: I keep forgetting to sleep or eat!

I sound like a commercial for Blender…:o

your doing exactly what your supposed to do:D

happy blender…ing… ?

There’s only one problem with Blender: I keep forgetting to sleep or eat!

pfft, you get used to it after a while :slight_smile:

haha, i was up until 2 a.m. last night using blender :slight_smile:

Here’s my story…last week I stayed up until 2 every day - supposed to be doing a school project but I spent half my time doing blender. The last night before I turned it in, I only slept 30 minutes. Since monday of this week I have had a terrible cough and a massive headache. I have this very annoying tickle in my throat (its sore too) and I cough every 10 seconds. But atleast I made some progress in project HellCastle :confused:

I waz up untill 5am one night useing blender and training for the marines but i wasnt just on blender but i waz for half the night
(its crazy 5 AM !!!)

now thats some hardcore blendering ^ ^ ^

Last night I was up till 3:00 am. I’m supposed to rehearse for some performances coming up on Monday and Tuesday, but all I’ve done is blendering. Instead I’ll get up on stage and show the audience how to do face selection and UV mapping and adding torque to their objects.:frowning: :slight_smile:

HAHAHA… Im all for that. :smiley: