I can't extrude

I’m trying to extrude as to what’s shown in this video clip on a wine glass in order for me to model my own characters, but its giving me the troubles.

I know what’s shown here is you extrude the edges and on the S key to size it

Below are my screenshots from the troubles I’m having and that its not supposed to be of that right tone of the color of it

Thanks very much :slight_smile:


On your screenshot it looks like you have your whole plane (the 4 sides of it) selected when extruding, so it’s normal the result is not good, as the edges of every sides are extruding, creating an overlapping of many edges and faces.

Select only 1 side of your starting plane before extruding.

Oh okies

Well sometimes I can get pretty confused at some of the parts so the question is which is only 1 side I have to look and select?

Select the side that goes in the direction you want to extrude.

By example, if i select the side in the bottom :

Press E -> Edges
And i move the extruded edge down, i obtain this.

If i had selected those 2 side

And extrude by moving in a diagonal, i would obtain this.

Now if i select the 4 sides, i know that i would have faces that would overlap each other if i just moved the extrude, so after pressing E -> Edges then i press Enter (or click) to stop moving the new vertices/edges then i press S to scale the newly added vertices until i’m satisfied :

Okies I now got it and what letter key should I press in order to having a clear blue mesh like the one you have?

It’s the wireframe display type that makes this blue-ish look for the faces :

But i don’t understand why you ask, because in your screenshot up there you’re in wireframe mode already.

Alright got it and sorry for that ask and I got a bit confused there

Now last but not least comes the last problem which I can’t move those two red and green arrows in order for me to select the sides in order to extrude

Do you use the mouse to drag those?

The red and green arrow are just what appears at the center of your selection.
Just select with your mouse right click the vertices that are forming an edge (if you’re in vertice select mode) or just select the edge itself (if you’re in edge select mode), then just press E to extrude.

vertice/edge/face select mode are those buttons :

Or you can press CTRL+TAB to switch between them in the 3D view.

With your mouse you can press B and create a box to select multiple edges/vertices/face without doing this one by one.
And leave ALT (or middle mouse button) pressed while you’re creating this box to unselect everything inside of it.

Okies I did followed your directions so I used the CTRL+TAB since when I pressed the E and that extrude menu didn’t appear.

Is this correct on this screenshot?

Yes, it is correct, in Edge Select mode Blender will not ask you if you want to exclude the edges (as you are manipulating edges), making you working quicker

Exclude is also how you say the extrude right?

Usually the shape on what I’m going to use for character modelings will be cylinder as to what I saw that most Blender modelers use those :wink:

So I will use that cube as a good warmup