I cant Find the .blender file

I wanted to try luxblend but i cant find the .blend file anywere to move the script to … any help

It’s not a file, it’s a directory. If you are on Windows, it is located at C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender if you use the installer. Basically, it is within the root folder of Blender. Sometimes, when using the installer, it decides to put your configuration folder at C:%HOMEPATH%\Application Data\Blender.blender or something of the like.

And…If you open up the .blender folder you will find a scripts folder (unless you have moved it from the default installation and have told blender to look for it elsewhere), this is where you want to put the script.

Ah yes! I knew I was forgetting a key part in my post. :smiley: