I can't flip an object

I can’t mirror an object. I hit Shift+D, then S-key and X-key. Nothing… Where can I find a mirror button or something?

Shift+D, Space, “Transform”, “Mirror”

Shift-D for duplicate or Alt-D for an instance (useful for mirror modelling) then ESC then CTRL-M choose “X Local” from menu.

S-Key is for scaling an object.

You can scale it to a negative to mirror it as well

This is if you want to model symetrically:
before 2.40 (still in alpha), I’d make a linked duplicate with alt-d. scale on the negative [whatever] axis (skey, [axis]key, -1, enter). then move the linked duplicate into the proper position for modeling.

If your using 2.40 all you have to do is add a mirror modifier in the editing (f9) menu.

hope this helps.

Okay, I’ve followed this tutorial :
written for Silo. I did the Alt-D to make a mirrored instance. I’ve finished the model (although not as good as the example shots in the tutorial) Now I want to join the meshes together, smooth, and render-- but I get a seam. Removing doubles and re-calculating normals does not get rid of the seam.

What am I doing wrong?
Any suggestions?


delete edge loop (only in 2.40alpha and later…).