I cant get a bounding box to work!

I am getting real frustrated because my character barely walks through the walls with dynamic so im adding a bounding box, but the bounding box wont work. it acts like its static and if it is dynamic, then it still goes through walls? http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5TPS5OFQ

your “bounding box” is a bit weird?!
Anyway, don’t use Loc to move “physics” objects, use Force or Servo Motion!
And, take care with the poly count…a scene like yours “must” have around 100 faces!

well sometimes when i add an actuator, it doesnt have the force control panel on it?

also, i dont know how to use servo control and dont know what poly count is and how it effect my scene?

The object has to be Dynamic or Rigid Body physics-enabled to have more advanced physics possibilities (servo motion, linear velocity, etc.).

ok, i got the movement down and collision down for force on the actuators, now when i go the other direction, i slide to a stop?

This is asked quite often, please do a search.

or follow this tutorial