I can't get my seams on my car to come together :(

(CAVZ24) #1

Hey people I have a ?

When you do cars, do you do panels or do you take a cube and for that?
I’m doing one panel by panel and I can’t get them to come together

(BgDM) #2

CAVZ24, cars are a pain in the ass to model. just take your time.

For my Jaguar that I had posted recently, I just used a plane and started extruding verts. When I came to the doors, i modeled them seperately, but I used a single vert and placed the cursor along the body verts and then extruded the door verts and placed to the cursor so they would match, (did you understand that?).

Hope that helped in some way.


(CAVZ24) #3


Thanks for the tip; and yes I understood it. I’ve gone about this by modeling the sides, then the top, and try to line them up. Couldn’t get them lined up, and I could see between seams.

I’ve tried it wtih a cube too, but its not as fast. I’ll keep trying I guess :smiley:

(BgDM) #4

Well, if you don’t want to see between the seams, then you will have to join the faces between each panel and then extrude them to make a tight seam.

That’s the only way to avoid it.


(Suntan) #5


I have found that using surfaces work best for me. I start with the door then work out. When you want to join to panels together right cick on one node of the surface you want to attach to (the panel that is already in place) the shift-S (I think) select “Cur-Sel” then right click on the node of the new surface that you are placing and shift-S “Sel-Cur”. this will put the two nodes together.

Only problem is that when you convert to Mesh the body panel lines will not show up so you need to select a node on each panel and click shift-L (I think) to select all of the nodes and seperate it “shift or contrl-p?” from the rest of the car. This is the stage I am at so I don’t know how it will turn out…

Hope this helps.