I can't get textures appear


I have made my first game, it is called Monolith. Only problem is that I can’t get textures attached. If I render with F12 it’s ok, but when I press PKEY they disappear. I’m using 2.42a. Can anybody tell what’s the problem. Here is the .blend.


When I render, there is just a black box and a pink floor. But, you need to check “Use Blender Materials” in the game menu at the top of the screen.

EDIT: Or you can use UV mapping. I will post the fixed .blend in a second…

Another edit: http://www.4shared.com/file/4590233/33da3ee1/1teemun_fps_fixed.html

I used UV mapping for the object, I know it’s stretched out, but this is just an example of how you can texture an object.

Rendering an image and play real-time is seperate things. And therefore they work differently.

Select an object, press F for face-mode(right?), open UV/Image editor in the second area. Select one or more faces you want to texture and load a texture in the UV editor. Then stretch, move and rotate to make it right.

Note: you can only have one texture per object

Note: for best performance have textures size in the power of 2, and not more than 512. I.E. 64×64, 128×128, 256×256.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for a quick reply. The link doesn’t seem to work though. So you didn’t saw the tile texture when you rendered? Maybe it wasn’t included in the blend or something.

Ok thanks to you too Sim88, I will try that

I fixed the link.


Thanks. Now I am ready to publish my masterpiece, the Monolith 1.0. :wink: