I Can't Get The Fluid Right For This Fountain Mesh?

Hey guys I really appreciate the help. I don’t like posting here usually not because you guys aren’t awesome, but because I like to try and figure things out for myself. That said every once in a while I can’t figure things out and I’m still newer to blender. So I made a cool looking golden fountain mesh from Cycles Render. I’ve never been able to get a Fluid Inflow to work right with meshes like this.

At the top with the bowl shaped dome at the time I’d like water to gently flow down over each platform (like a water fountain). Just to experiment though I’ve tried to get water to flow correctly just using a circle as the inflow object. I’ve attached the blend file below. In any case for stuff like this it’s confusing whether or not you would make the fountain a volume, shell, or both objects. I’ve tried messing with all of that. I’m assuming the circle or other object should be a shell. Here are just a few of the problems I’ve been having.

  1. I’ll bake the fluid inflow object within the domain and it does absolutely nothing.
  2. At other times when it does do something the fluid acts crazy it’ll stick, become rigid and start moving in all directions etc.

I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong or if this is possible. I really appreciate the help guys? If possible it would be cool and look realistic is some sort of inflow object would let out water in the empty space under the bottom upside down looking bowl on the top of the fountain I made. Something like a Torus Object, but unfortunately I can’t get anything to work right with fluid inflow domains.


fountain.blend (1.16 MB)