I can't get the shade editor to use nodes in 2.9

So I have used 2.9.0 for a while now, but this is the first time I have used the Shade editor, since before 2.8. The thing is I tell the editor to use nodes, and design said nodes, but when the shader is displayed in the viewport it only renders the setting used without nodes. I tried switching from eevee to Cycles and no change has occurred. I have updated my Graphics driver a few days ago and it is still happening. What am I doing wrong?

Are you sure your material is actually assigned to your selection? That the nodes are plugged in? A screenshot or two might help us figure out what exactly the problem is.

Okay so here are two pictures.
The first is the Shader with out nodes enabled. As you can see the blade of the sword is yellow.

Now in the second picture I have enabled nodes on the editor but instead of the blade changing to metallic looking its still the yellow of the non node enabled color.
I hope that helps you guys figure it out.

You’re in the regular viewport solid mode. Mouse over the viewport, hold down Z, and go to rendered, or material preview. Or render the scene.

Huh, I could have sworn in 7.8 and below that the shader showed the nodes colors in solid mode even if not the glossiness or whatever. Am I remembering incorrectly?

Mmmmm. its been forever, but I think only if you were using blender internal.

Oh I always used Cycles, but now that does it too in the new version

In the old versions the viewport shading was done differently. Nowadays, when you’re in solid mode, it won’t use the material proper. It can, however, use the color that you set int the material’s Viewport Display panel (should be just below the Settings panel that you can see on the bottom right of your screenshots). Don’t ask me why.
Or, you could go into shading overlay popover and change what color is used. If you pick Object, it’ll use the color you set in Object’s properties. If you pick Vertex, it’ll use vertex colors. The rest should be self-explanatory.