I can't get two UV layers to work at the same time

I know a lot of folks use two textures and UV layers for their characters, one for the face and one for the body. And I tried messing with the node setup so each image texture has a UV input node connected to UV socket. But it still only displays the face texture all over the character.
I tried to post an image of the face layer here but it won’t let me. But the picture showed the proper detailing on the face, such as the eyebrows being black and some freckles on the cheeks.

This layer is supposed to be body layer, but it isn’t right. It looks it is still reading the UVs for the face even though it is supposed to be for the body. I need both the face and body to be properly detailed and displayed on the mesh. I also tried making different material slots and applying them, but that didn’t seem to work either. Any ideas? Thank you guys for taking your time to help out. I’m probably just overlooking something silly.

Here’s that image it wouldn’t let me post

that not how UV layers work

UV layer is just additional property of mesh
reason you would want to have two layers is to have 2 different UV mapping of same face

You are just mixing 2 maps with different mapping.

Use 2 materials with single UV

Hello! Thank you for taking a look at my question here. I tried applying the materials to the specific areas of the mesh, and nothing changed. But thank you again, I’m sure you’re right about the UV layers being an addition property of the mesh. But I still cannot get it to work.

Make Two materials
Assign faces to corespoiding material (select face, select material, click assign)

Make UV like of face and rest of the body in single UV channel but like if other pars wodunt exist:

both at once:

In each material place only coresponding map

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Your issue does not appear to be UV mapping-related. It has to do with that “Mix” node in your setup. The constant factor of 0.5 means that it’s set to output a 50/50 mix of both textures across the whole mesh.

You must either use two separate materials as advised by @gorion103 or input something into that mix node which defines what is face and what isn’t.

Thank you gorian103, and Rocketman! You both helped show me how it’s done plain and simple! You were all very patient and understanding. The UV layer really wasn’t an issue, and I had not been using the materials correctly. Thank you all again!