I can't go to some websites...

Recently I’ve had some problems with my internet. I try to go somewhere, and it won’t go. It will let me go to pretty much all other sites, but not the one i want to go to. I asked my friend if he could go to it, and he could just fine. I tried reseting my router, reconnecting my internet, but it all does nothing. I know I don’t have a filter or a firewall, so i don’t know what to do. The main sites that it is blocking now are any torrent sites, such as suprnova.org. Last week it wouldn’t let me get into any e-mail sites, but i reset my router and it fixed it. Any ideas?


If you haven’t already, get “Spybot search and destroy” and “Adaware”. Also you should try running a program called CWshredder, just google search for it. These programs, I think, are a must for windows users, and I’m sure a lot of people would a agree.

are you sure?

It sounds like your internet provider may be blocking those sites.