i can't make a good character!!!

i can do alot of great things like biuldings doors…but i fail evry time i try to make a character i’ve tried like 5 tutorials but i allways fail speacially with texturing it…
i was wondering if there is any free textured charachter i can use for my current game project until i will be able to do one with my self!!
(i need a male charcter and if it’s possible textured with plice clothes)
sorry for my poor english

and its going to take some practice. I think you would find it most rewarding and self gratifying if you used your own model. That being said here are some links you might find useful.
and a low poly modeling tut just in case

and dont forget the forum search fuction:rolleyes:

dude, just practice; practice; practice. if you “fail” just try again, its not gonna be perfect the first time, or the second time, you just need to work at it until you get better, dont just give up and ask for peoples stuff to use

You may have the same kind of perfectionist type of thing that I have about art. If I try to model something else, or follow a tutorial, I always quit because it never looks as good as the one in the tutorial. Instead, I model a base mesh (quite simple) without armour, helmet, weapons, etc. And duplicate it. Then, I change it depending of the type of character I want to make.


thanks guys!!
i can make a simple character but i want the player character to be a good one (detailed,well textured…)

yea dude evry time i follow a tut i just quit when i see that what im getting is not good as what i should get lol

im blending for 2 years now and making a perfect character and scripting are two things im still noob in em lol

I have a simple character template. It’s rigged and UV mapped, so all you have to do to make it your own is paint the map. Download it fromhere.

That said, keep practicing and eventually you’ll be able to do it.

thanks for the help plant person i really have to accelerate my work on my little game im planing to do…

i have all the places im going to model in papers i all ready wrote the story line all i need now is a good police man textures then i can finish modeling the objects i need…

i know that u have alot of experience so i just wanted to ask something:

-since u can say that im a bit good at modelling buildings, outside details…im planing to make
a detailed blender game but to avoid the lag problemes (it lags horrible when u get a certain amount of polygons/models) im planing to cut my game to alot of lvls
i mean when u start a game u can only see a small place but well detaild then when get into a door or something it loads another small world well detailed too
i know my english is poor so let me explain it again:

-in the first wolrd u can see the village from the outside with a big gate plants trees…and when u open the main gate of the village it loads another world with the main gate being closed and of course all the outside models deleted…do u think this solution will keep the game runing at a perfect fps rate ??

Texturing people can be very difficult, and when you add the bones, you may need to move the textures a bit so they are not deformed too much by the bones.

I think this is the easiest one I have found to help explain the whole process:


Go to the first page though,smile.
You MUST resign yourself to going back and forth between software to test that you have everything in the right place and you cant see seams etc in the textures.

It will take a lot of time, maybe a couple months to get it perfect, or close to what you want. but once you get it, take notes on how you did it, least you dont forget for the next time.

You can download the free models on www.blender.org. Or at least there is a link there I think. And I think I saw a policeman but Im not sure.

Dont give up. If you have been working blender for 2 years thats a lot longer than I have, so you know it just takes practice.

Good luck, you project sounds like it is well thought out.

yeah when it comes to texture it will come down to how well you can manipulate photos or paint. If you can’t do either…(like me) then its how many times are you going to redo it till you feel you can’t do any better. I’ll rework things for hours, like the characters lips, just trying to get everything convincing. But everytime you start a new character the creation time comes down a hair and the quality goes up a hair. And if you poor more time into the project the difference in quality will be more evident.

i know this post is a little old but i thought i would put the link to the best charicter video tut ive seen. it is a little long and he rambles a little but it can be found on this site and it gets some realy good results


keep making them…

your first 200 will suck… but then you get better with every model :smiley:

dont give up…

no one ever achieves perfection in the first few tries

200! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, lol. Way to inspire.

This is an excellent video too, I forgot about until yesterday:


OH wait, yes the site is already posted, sorry, but will leave it here since it goes to the one free video there.

Use MakeHuman to make characters but you have to use the decimate modifier cuz its too heavy for the BGE.

download MakeHuman here http://www.dedalo-3d.com/

ready models

modelling tuts

texture painting tuts


Good Luck :slight_smile:

MakeHuman is not a good choice for the BGE. That’s why I created the low-poly template.

well it works to me…

as long you will make it a low poly use the decimate modifier…

Also, as Ititrx said, texturing can be very annoying. I create the basic texture without cloth bends and marks. Then, make a new layer completely gray, set to multiply. After that, dodge and burn away… (oh yah, I’m using GIMP)

Decimate creates extremely messy models. Often they aren’t even symmetrical. There is an art to making good low-poly models and the decimate modifier does not even come close to replicating it.