I can't open blender

Blender 2.93 crashes when I open it. can someone help. I’m using windows10 pro

you are really going to have to help people help you. Some details:
What OS are you on? Windows? If so what version of windows?

What version of blender are you trying to open?

Well, there is a lot of information missing there. What system you use? Windows, Linux?

Did you try to open it using the command line to see what error messages come from the crash?

windows10 pro, blender 2.93. I did try to use one, but it didn’t help

Hi Grady,

You did mention the version and OS in your first post. Have you tried other versions of Blender? Perhaps it’s a graphics card issue - are you using the latest drivers for your GPU? Are there other apps that crash? How much RAM do you have? Usually including specs about your setup helps.

As Rodrigo, mentioned the command line options might help here (particularly the debugging and logging options):

Cheers and stay safe!

I got it to open, but I have to do a bug test thing.