i can't render anything!

i can’t render anything!!!
i rendered my model and the image disapeared! so i asked for help in the blender forums and someone suggested pressing F3 so i did that and insted of saveing the image it saved the blend file! please i’m desrate for help!

That is what F3 is for. Are you sure you didn’t hit F2 in error?

Are you sure in the render settings the “Do Sequence” and “Do Composite” buttons aren’t pressed?

i’m sure.
my computer is realy wierd. it dose things like this but it useualy goese back to normal when it restarts but it’s been doing this for weeks. i might have those “Do Sequence” and “Do Composite” buttons pressed… i don’t know… i’ll cheack

where excactly are those buttons?

nope there not pressed

Can you upload the file?

make sure everything is set to this-


And try to render something in a different .blend file

i have. none of my .blend file save the rendered images.:no:

You know everyone here is in the dark. Attach a typical blend file that doesn’t work, screen shots or preferable screencast of what you are doing to save a file etc. Blender does save renders perfectly, when it doesn’t work is usually because of user error. help us understand what you are doing or nobody will be able to help you.

maybe you changed your hotkeys??? but the “do composite” button is the key here… i had the same problem for weeks