I can't retopologize with snapping to faces! [SOLVED]

I am following this tutorial:

4th chapter.

I do everything EXACTLY as he told me, but snap to faces won’t work.

The vertex still goes inside the bird’s body. It doesn’t snap to faces!

I am using the newest Blender version (2.69), official build.

It should work if you have the default Blender setting. When i find myself in this kind of problem I usual open an other Blender window and try to reproduce the same effect with a simple mesh ( cube, plane, …).
With the information that you are giving us it is quit difficult to help, may be an other screenshot with all the scene visible or a .blend file.

It works now. It seems like I should turn it on… by turning it off.
When the second button to the right of “Closest” is turned on, it looks like it is turned off and wise versa.

yeah, that always catches me out too, stupid button! lol