I can't rig anything :(

Hello all,

Disclaimer : i am pretty new to this but i have done a bit of research to see the basics.

As the title implies i am trying to rig a character model with a meta rig while using autorig pro or rigify addon.

Whatever i try i get “bone heat warning” message or if it does generate the skeleton whenever i try to bind it to the mesh Blender just goes in “not responding mode”

I tried to remove doubles ( merge by distance ) or fill holes as suggested after i googled the error but i get the problems.

I have a few character models that i would like to have a meta rig for and pretty much all i tried does not work.All tutorials make it sound so simple but it’s really not.

Have you seeen the 2.8 Blender Encyclopedia course on the CGMasters site? I don’t know for sure if it would be of help. Have a nice evening.

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maybe a bug blender has a lot of bugs, i honestly prefer make my own rig

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You might try the Surface Heat Diffuse Skinning addon:

The paid addon from the same developer is even more trustyworthy in unstable “bone heat” error situations:


It’s been a little while since I used Rigify, but I remember there are gotchas that aren’t always obvious or mentioned in tutorials. I think you NEED to use Apply Scale, Rotation, and Location before trying to attach the rig, otherwise it won’t work, for example. If you haven’t done that I would try it.


The heat warning is always annoyingly vague, and could mean a number of things.

Generally speaking though, it’s normally to do with duplicated verts, or your mesh being too small.

Try and remove doubles (Select all in edit mode, and merge by distance). If that doesn’t work, scale the model up by a factor of 2 (unless its really tiny, in which case, maybe scale by 10)

Making sure your scale, rotations, and locations are applied doesn’t hurt either.

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Post a blend file here and give us the url and I’m sure we can help you.

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Thank you for the reply all, as i said i have tried to clean the model via merge by distance and the sorts and i have the same problem.


Do you want me to post the model with armature or just the model ?

Post with your model and armature so we can tell what you are trying to weight.