I can't scale my objects!

if i add a cube for example, or i want to modify an existing one, i can’t scale up/down!! What can i do?

well, stop making 3D…if you can’t even scale an object…no, I’m joking
I don’t know what to say…
Start the default scene, press S key, move the mouse…your cube should scale

how should i start a new scene when a have logic bricks and animations in my current project? should i start all over again?

It’s not clear from your question whether you don’t know how to scale objects or something is preventing them from beeing transformed. To scale an object use S key and pres Z key to stretch it along Z axis. If you already know this then specify your question.

may be this one

on the bottom header there is a small square with circles in it

make certain it’s not activated or the scale wont work!


damn, thanks! I’ve missed it.