I Can't Sculpt My Object

This is my first time sculpting in Blender, or any digital software. I guess you could call me a digital art… virgin. I made a stickman in object mode as a base before I sculpt. My beautiful stickman will show up when I switch to sculpt mode, but I cannot for the life of me select the heckin object. I’ve browsed the internet. People mention a lock selection box I need to uncheck, I can’t find it. I just have no idea what I’m doing. How do I sculpt my armature? I can’t sculpt her. I just want to sculpt guys.
Thank you in advance,

  • Irritated Amateur.

Edit: Well this is embarrassing. The modifiers I added to my stickman were not applied. I couldn’t find the button so I assumed it was automatic. Incorrect. For others who have the same issue I had, the apply button is now in a dropdown menu next to the modifier name. Many thanks to those who tried to help.

Could you please send the .blend file so I can try to fix the problem?

I’m brand new, so the website won’t let me attach anything. Sorry, wish I could make it easier for you. It looks like the vertices might be causing the issue, but I’m not sure how to prime them for sculpting.

You can use https://pasteall.org/ to upload your .blend file (click on “Blends”, top-right corner of the website).

I’m a new user. This website doesn’t trust me yet.

You might need to apply rotation and scale.