I can't see smoke

Hi there!!

I’m newbie in Blender I was trying to make the Creating Fire & Smoke tutorial from Andrew Price, but I got stuck when I was trying to see the smoke emitted from the particles when I hit Play Animation. It supposed to display smoke particles but I can’t see anything only particles falling from my emitter.

I think is something simple, but I don’t know so much about Blender. :no:

Thanks in advance.

What have you already done?

  1. Make sure you have a domain (don’t scale the mesh of the domain, just the object.)
  2. Make sure in your emitter object’s smoke panel (in the physics tab) that it is set to “Flow” and the particle system selected.

Having a point light in the scene will give the smoke shading.

I attached a simple smoke .blend, press Alt+P and you should see smoke.


simple_smoke.blend (105 KB)


I know it is a simple detail I’m missing, I checked your scene and I could see the smoke, but in my scenes I couldn’t. I want to send you one of this, if you find something strange please let me know.

Ups my scene is 10 MB I can’t upload it.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

You can upload to http://pasteall.org/blend

Ok, thanks. This is my scene.



Ah, all you have to do is go to frame 1 (Shift + LeftArrow) and then play the animation, then you’ll see smoke. Might be a bug because I think it even happens when you have baked smoke…

Certainty it is a BIG bug because I did everything you told me and I couldn’t see anything, I don’t know if the Blender Intel version has some bugs. I want to search by internet if others Macintosh users have same problems. :no:

Thanks for all.