i can't see the lamps direction?

i can’t see the halo of the lamp, not in rendering, i cannot see it while i’m working. I add the lamp, a spot for example and the only thing i see is a circle. How can i change that in order to see its direction. thanks

And i can’t see the overscan region in my camera either. anyone can help me please??

While you are working, all lamps have some kind of dotted line feedback as to where they are pointing (spots have a cone with several visual cues to the blend, radius, distance, direction, etc). To see a halo in your render from a spot, select the spot and go in Shading Context>Lamp Subcontext>Shadow and Spot Panel, there is a button that says halo. Press it and other options will appear.

As for the overscan, I think you mean where the render might be cut off on a TV. When you are in Camera View (Numpad 0), the outer dotted square denotes field of view, and the inner, rounded one denotes the “safe for sure” parts for a render for TV.

I don’t want to see the halo in my render, i can’t see the dotted lines while working. i can’t see the direction of my lamps, no dotted lines in my camera, no doted lines when i use “b” to select objects… something is wrong with my dotted lines…video card? bad configuration. I was never able to run blender properly, in my laptop it crashes when i use the z or the zoom in and out, in my pc, with windows XP, i can’t see the dotted lines, what is wrong with this program??

Nothing. It’s your graphics cards/drivers.

Turn off antialiasing and acceleration on your graphics card, and especially any effects.