I can't seem to find it

hi i have been searching and…
i cant find the tutorial about the booster. the one that animates the fire and the booster of the rocket?

can anyone give me the link or know what it is called.
thanks in advance

I don’t know if it is the one you are looking for, but Issue # 9 of Blenderart Magazine has a tutorial on Creating Heatwave Exhaust Effect with the Displace Modifier.

There are several particle fire effect at: http://www.centralsource.com/blender/flames/

um yeah kind of like that, but i found the tutorial here in the blender artist forum sometime ago. now i cant seem to find it and i forgot the title.

if there is a similar and much simpler guide for me to do then can someone post a link?

because i want to model a jet pack that has those fire(or whatever you call those things)

Okay a 15 sec. search of the Tutorial forum for the word “Jet”, turn up this:http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=113725

Is that the one?