I can't seem to find the blender library as shown in the tutorial video!

Hi all,
I’m Jay, just joined the Blender community to improve my drawings with the computer. It makes me very excited to know how much cooler my drawings will be that is when I finally understand how to use Blender.
At this moment I’m working along with a tutorial video. The first one went quite well but with the second one I got stuck. It says to go to library but even though I’m following his exact moves I do not end up in libraries I’ve tried finding an answer online but came up with nothing. If this question was asked already I must apologize for I really could not find it.
So please is there any one out there who would have the time to help this beginner out that would be coooool !!! :slight_smile:

thnx Jay

armh, could you maybe link us to the tutorial, too?

and just so you’d know, essentially a .blend file it self is a library file too.

yeah no probs:

silly question maybe, but how do i get things (pictures) in my library? and or is there a standard library with Blender?

thanks heeps