I can't seem to find the "Edit hair" button.

All the tutorials I find refer to a seemingly nonexistent “Edit Hair” button, for sculpting hair with various options. I cannot find it under any of the menus, and none of them elaborate.

I use 2.5, most tutorials are for 2.4 and are hard to use with the new GUI.

An excerpt from a tutorial:

Change back to the Particle buttons.
Click on Set Editable in the Particle System panel.
Change to Particle Mode.

I’m lost!

There is no need for an Edit Hair button, just go into Particle Mode and you can comb etc.

Even with google, I can’t figure out how to do that…
I tried all the options in particle mode.

I figured it out.
For anyone else having this “Issue”, press space and type in “Particle edit”.

Quick Demo http://screencast.com/t/6myhm7Qi