I can't seem to snap/move my camera to view when rendering

Hello Blender,

I’m brand new to this community and to using Blender. I am trying to figure out how to change the location of my camera, as it seems to not be allowing me to move it close into the image of what I’m rendering. (fyi I am using a Mac Pro with a USB mouse). If I press the camera and then 0 then I get zoomed right out, and then I press G to try and move the camera. But when I press 0 I am right back to being far zoomed out. Then when I hit control alt 0 I am zoom way way way too close! HELP!

When you press numpad 0 it will take you to camera view (as if you are looking through the camera). You will see a dotted line that is a frame of what the camera will render. Select the dotted line (by clicking it).
Hit the n key to see the right hand side menu and go to the view tab. There is a tic box called «camera to view» under «view lock», tic it.
Now when you navigate in view port you are moving the camera, zoom in with the + key out – and move around with middle mouse button.
Once you are done uncheck the camera to view box so you do not accidentally move your camera again.
I recommend you watch the basic interface videos on the blender org site!

Thank you SO MUCH!