I can't select bones

Hi~ I’ve been following quite an old tutorial (and so far so good) but I suddenly got stuck during the rigging process.

We modelized a robot’s right leg and rigged it. Then instead of doing it all over again for the left leg, we duplicated everything and used scale on x axis -1 to make a symetry. Now, I have my left leg ! However, when I do that, part of my bones disappear in object mode, while they appear in pose mode but can’t be selected (they turn grey too).

As you can see bellow, the foot bones are selectable and the rig works just fine. However, when it comes to the arm and shoulder bones, I can’t do anything with it :confused:

Would anyone have an idea of why it does that, and how to fix it? I’ve been giving myself a headache over this, it’s time I ask for help x)

Have you tried using Ctrl+A to Apply that Scale operation?

I tried but half my armature is still missing in object mode and not selectionable in pose mode. I ended up duplicating the leg only and do the rig all over again. Hopefully I won’t have parenting problems with the already existing rig on the left leg… I hope it won’t come to that or I’ll have to start the whole rig all over again ! (Not like it’s super complicated but as a newbie… it is :sob:)

Well, it looks like you’re using 2.80 beta… so it could be a bug. If you need any more help with the original file or your new setup, I suggest uploading the .blend.

Good luck, and dry those tears! :cry:

Ahah thank you :relaxed:
I actually didn’t think of a bug, could be since it happened for something else before !
So far I’m doing good I think, again thank you !

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You’ve got a symmetrize command under armature when in edit mode, I recommend using it instead. Check the targets for the constraints once you’ve got it mirrored, sometimes they keep their ‘other side’ targets.

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All right, I found the symmetrize button. I will try it, thank you~