I can't select what I want to select....

I’ve got a model created from three objects. The problem is that I seem to be partially stuck in object mode even when I’m in edit mode. I can only select one of the objects, and the other two have the white dot in the middle of the object as if I were in object mode. If I select an object in object mode, I can select it when I switch to edit mode. I can’t select the other two.

I can go into object mode and do the selecting, but that’s kind of a pain… what am I doing wrong here?

You can’t select another object to edit at the same time you’ve selected to edit another object unless you join the two items. (Ctrl+J)

Well it was working before… even using A only selects the one object, and even if I use A to deselect the first object, I can’t then go and select a different one.

I can’t stress this enough. Attach your problem blend file to your post or some other hosting site. It’s difficult to figure out what your problem really is when working blind. This type of thing is usually simple to fix if you ca see the blend

Here you go. It’s a pretty simple blend. The problem is apparently stopping me from exporting to ASE, at least I think it is. It exports but doesn’t export texture data. :S


baseboardstraight2.blend (161 KB)