I can't slice through this object the way I want to!

So, I’m working on a 3D model for an animated movie set design. I realized that one of the walls to the building didn’t precisely match up with the other floors’ walls on one side. So, after extending the bottom wall (the one I wish to cut through) past the vertical wall (the one I wish to join the bottom wall at the corner), & then zooming in as close to the intersection of the two walls, I was able to pinpoint EXACTLY the place where I needed to slice the bottom wall! :slight_smile:

But, unfortunately, this is where the problem starts: I’m a relative newbie to Blender, & I’ve used the Knife & Bisect tools to try & cut the bottom wall along the very edge of the vertical wall…but unless there’s something I’m forgetting to do with either of those tools, or if there’s a tool I’ve not thought to use yet, there’s no way I can currently get them to slice exactly across the bottom wall at the desired point I want to.

I’ve uploaded the original Blender file if anyone wants to take a crack at slicing the walls in the way I want:


It opens exactly at the intersection where I want to slice the bottom wall.

I’ve also uploaded photos illustrating where the exact point of slicing needs to be done, a more-zoomed-out view of the walls, & a bigger view of my overall project (respectively).


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

we need more info

did you pack the file ?
this is 250 MB and 1.4 E6 verts

don’t understand why it is so big with so little objects inside
and no UV images

anyway see image what is the problem

looks like you had another wall over an exiting wall ?

why not use Archipack to make walls the proper size ?

happy bl

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In answer to your respective questions:

  1. What does packing the Blender file mean? And do I do it?

  2. Well, the reason it’s so big, is because it’s a massive set design – & I just barely started putting things in it. :slight_smile: So I still have an insane amount of work to do on it. And not only that, but I prefer to build my sets (or use downloaded models to make them) BEFORE I do all the decorating & all that. :slight_smile:

  3. What do you mean by UV images? Are they necessary for this kind of file?

  4. Yes, that was indeed a wall over another existing wall. :slight_smile:

  5. Archipack, eh? Sounds interesting! :slight_smile: Where can I find it? :slight_smile:

  6. As for the initial problem, do you have any other suggestions?

The Easiest ARCHITECTURAL MODELING ADD-ON for Blender? Intro to Archipack Pro Version! - YouTube

for intro to addon to make buildings walls door windows roof ect…

follow the tut for this and it is very easy to make buildings
there is a free version available in blender addon list

which version of BL are you using ?

pack file
when you save a file there is an option to pack the file

happy bl

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Great, I just downloaded the free version of Archipack today! :slight_smile: Now, how do I install it into Blender?

it is already included with blender

just select it in the addon menu

happy bl

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Got it! :slight_smile: Thank you so very, VERY much for your kind assistance! :slight_smile: