I can't upload images to Blender Artists

For what it’s worth, I just updated the image URL within the voting post.

This could be Cloudflare related. I think blenderartists is using that as well:

You could ask @bartv about it. Maybe, someone reported this before.

Since nobody else is reporting problems with uploading images to BA, I’m fairly certain this is a local issue, not something I can solve.


Thanks for looking into this. It is a strange issue and so far, I haven’t been able to reproduce this. Well, I guess that’s a good thing, in a way.

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The strange thing is that BlenderArtists (and only file uploading) is failing. I haven’t had any other website fail like this. I have been trying to narrow down the causes. Both Chrome and Edge don’t work for this, Windows Defender did not change anything, and various suggestions including changing the MTU doesn’t seem to work


I’m going to continue to try and find a solution.

It suggests to me that something in your network is screwing with SSL certificates (because it only happens during upload and not download). Scary stuff.

Hello - I am a new user (level 1), also having trouble uploading. When I drag and drop an image file, a separate Chrome Tab opens (Windows 10 - Toronto Canada) .

This is all part of an anti spam system, the system will quickly pick up on your behaviour to ensure you’re a human, and without malicious intents.

Go explore the forum a little. Try things out, give out some hearts, give some feedback in art threads, and ask questions in support threads :slight_smile:

It should not take long until you bump up a level.

thats not a to-do list btw, we cannot be too specific, but typical engagement will get you there.

I can’t reproduce that here, nor have we had other complaints about it, so this might be something on your end like a browser extension etc.

(At level 1 you should be able to upload images indeed)

Thanks for the quick response. Its no hardship to engage with all these talented creators! :grinning:

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Forgot about this thread.

Here’s an update for what I originally mentioned.

As of now, the issue has magically vanished. Just as mysterious as how the issue started, it stopped happening one day, and hasn’t come back. I never made any changes and now uploading works again. Neither did I find any cause.

Also, it is definitely not only this site as I had later realised sites like Artstation didn’t work with uploading either.
Anyway, it’s good that it is fixed. I have been able to upload things normally now. :partying_face:

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Hey, quick mini apology, i was literally on my way out the door when this popped up, so i didnt have time to look into it at all, i assumed you had the lowest user level (that being lv 0) which does not take long to get out of.

So my first reply is inaccurate.

That said, i’ve had issues with chrome myself, an extension caused me issues.

One thing you could try, is to log onto BA via incognito (CTRL + Shift + N). Incognito disables all extensions. It may also not use cashed files/cookies. If incognito solves the issue, then you at least know where to begin the troubleshoot.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

Problem Solved!
The incognito didn’t work, but what I discovered was the 2MB size limit which I wasn’t aware of.
I also discovered the “+ New Topic” button which I had been ignoring because I thought that was for starting a new discussion topic. I guess I was expecting to see “+ New Post” . Thanks again for your help. I hope that feedback is useful.

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