I cant use a preview image on the finished projects page

I dont know why allways that I post something on the finished projects I have to leave it on blank because when I try to upload any image, even very small ones, It takes forever and the image isnt is uploaded, why is that happening?

Someone, Please??? I really want to be abble to do that as all the other members!

Are your images uploaded and attached via the BA attachment/uploading system? That is what causes the preview on the Finished Projects forum.

I cant do that, I try to upload and it takes forever to do it( i wait 1 hour on a image with 45 k and my internet can upload more than that for seccond and it didnt uploaded) i dont know I live in brasil, but well it would be very sad if I cound t upload because of that, if somebody, and administrator or moderator could say something about this I would be happy, because its kind of unfair for me to simply cant upload a image there( I have to ask for a frind to do it otherwise there ll be no preview).
Maybe its my internet explrer I ll try with other browser to see if something changes.
Thanks sam M

What thread is it in the finished projects forum. The one that I can see you started is showing a preview thumbnail for me. If you have any problems with any post just report it (small triangle in bottom left corner of post) saying that you can’t attach an image.


AS i just said I cant post any preview images on that section of the forum or on any other, I ask a friend of mine to upload a image for me, It happen everywhere on this forum not only there, I simply cant upload.

Hi leonnn,

to support our admins with problem solving:
What OS are you using and what browser?
Do you have this problems with blend files too?
What with other image formats?

I use the windows 7 os I use a internet explorer browser, I had tried to upload pngs and jpgs, about .blend files i didnt had tried for some time. I ll try

I m got used with the ie, and I downloaded the firefox, on firefox it works fine just on ie that the problem happen, well I think that I ll have to get used to it for this forum. Thanks for the suport aniway, and sorry about sucth a silly problem.