I can't use blender please help!

I was using Blender 2 months ago. But I can’t use anymore. When I tried to install it I got this error ; "Blender-Can’t detect 3D hardware accelerated Driver! " So how can I fix this error please help, this is so important for me. Thanks.

Guessing you wiped your PC,perhaps you forgot to install some drivers?

What are you specs?

i’m expreriencing the same problem after upgrading from win7 to win10. When i check for updates for the installed driver for my on-board video adapter it tells me it is the most current version.

What can i do to get this fixed?

for the love of god, don’t actually use the “check for updates” button, it’s ALWAYS wrong.

Remember that you are moving to a new OS, so you need to download a Windows 10 driver for your GPU
Bear in mind, these are all 64 bit drivers, seriously it’s 2015 everyone should have a 64 bit pc

if you have an AMD GPU,
If you have a Nvidia GPU

thx for ur quick reply.

my system tells me i have an Intel DG41WV. I can’t find any recent windows 10 drivers. Should i re-install windows 7?