I can't use symmetry for certain points

Hi, I am a new user to Blender and am trying to use the symmetry tool. You know… The x, y, z axis buttons at top of the screen.

I have a very simple shape which is an extruded cube. I didn’t wanted to use subdivide so instead i divided the shape using CTRL + R

So, my problem is i can use the mirror editing for the first half of the object and cant use it for the second half, even though it is a strait object. No curves, no extra mesh. I am trying to edit it on the y axis, The y axis button is checked.

I couldn’t find the solution. Can someone help?

Because I am a new user I could only upload one picture, but I hope it helps…

I think that if you make the slightest change on a side you will not be able to use the mirror editing anymore, that said you can easily symmetrize the object if you select all and go in the header menu > Mesh > Symmetrize, then choose the axis in the Operator box. Now the mirror edit will work again

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Yeah it worked perfectly, the only problem is that I now have two heads for my snake lol.
Thank you so much anyways. I think I found a more efficient way so I started from the top.
My only question is, can we choose the axis before this “header menu > Mesh > Symmetrize” step, so it symmetrizes the mesh according to a certain axis?

as I say, once you’ve symmetrized, choose the axis in the Operator box (bottom left of the 3D view). Keep in mind that this box will disappear as soon as you make another operation, so use it just after the symmetrize operation.

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