I copied and pasted a vertex group to a duplicate of the same model, yet it deforms differently

Right now im going through the process of turning a Gmod ragdoll into a playermodel.

During the process I had to delete the ragdoll’s armature and replace it with a playermodel armature and I was able to copy the vertex groups from the old skeleton to the new one. But for some reason the way the mesh deforms is different, even though the new bone is weight painted exactly the same.

Here is the model with the ragdoll bones, I was satisfied with how it bends

  • Here is the same model except with the playermodel skeleton, it is basically the same as the ragdoll except with a few extra bones and different names for the bones. Even though I deleted the ragdoll skeleton the vertex groups stayed so I just updated the names of the vertexes and it worked… almost.

For some reason the mesh deforms differently and I have no idea why this happens. I’ll continue to fiddle with it but I’d really appreciate some help.

Just a random guess, but are the origins the same for each object?

Did you copy thigh/thigh twist and foot as well as lower leg? Deformation is about the interaction of multiple bones + weights, not just a single bone + weight.

Sorry for the very late reply but YES that was it! The hip bones had some weights on the lower leg area that were missing, thats why the knee deformed so strangely.