I could never get particle deflection to work

Okay, it seems like the particle deflection feature is pretty busted in this version. For example, I keep the default cube, move it to the side and make it a particle emitter, then perhaps an icosphere with the bounding box set to sphere and deflection checked in the particle interaction box. The strange thing is while the vortex and other things work the deflection doesn’t. They just go through the object they’re supposed to deflect off of. Any idea why this obvious set up for simple deflection testing isn’t working

did you recalc the particles?

maybe… if you supply a .blend… or at least youre settings and some screenshots… maybe I could help you… cause right about now I can’t see anyway to determain youre problem according to youre post.

Yes, I pressed the recalculation button a number of times. Plus this was only a test to see how I can get it to work. But the only thing I ever managed to get it to work on is a plane.

I struggled long and hard to try and get this to work and posted questions. It sounds like you may have the same thing wrong as I did. Which is basically direction. This whole partical thing is direction dependant. Try rotating stuff the other way up and things will hopefully start to happen for you.

I don’t think it is busted, it is user error, well to be fair it would be good if the code could detect such mistakes…


I got it now, you use force only on it. But then again that leads to another question.

Say I have a particle emitting cube. Why are the particles acting like they’re bouncing off of the object when they just exit move out of their point of creation wich is the cube instead of the actual object?

this whole particle thing is also layer depended

I had everything on one layer, I didn’t change anything with layers the whole time. What about the layer dependent thing though that I may not know about?